President’s Message

After the wettest summer on record in Montana, I am looking forward to spending some crisp days in the Big Sky and some travel to Chicago for events at the medical school as well as Wildcat football. The seasons bring welcome change and new opportunity. 

This is the first online-only edition of Ward Rounds and I approach this with a predictable mixture of emotions. Looking back at the black/white versions of the magazine, one appreciates the craftsmanship of film photography and well developed multipage articles. Yet on the occasion of my first Editorial Board meeting five years ago, we all knew that the change to color, contemporary graphics, and expanded content was overdue. We also understood the evolutionary pull toward digital communication was already reshaping the publishing industry. Resisting it would be at the cost of relevancy to our future alumni. 

This issue of Ward Rounds offers content that could never be presented in a paper format.  The simulation lab is an example of innovation that uses technology to improve the education of physicians while ensuring safety. (A previous generation of patients allowed me to develop experience.) Publishing online allows us to show the lab’s construction and features that make it unique as well as to tell the story of how learning is conducted in this space. A podcast completes the story. Ward Rounds thus grows from two to four dimensions. 

A profile in this issue on the visionary and generous Ann Lurie also reminds me that all of us are called to give back to those who helped us in our journey and to help create the future we want to have for our children’s children. Our resources may vary but our participation should not.

All the best,

F. Douglas Carr, MD ’78, MMM
President, Alumni Association