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A Weekend to Remember

By Michele M. Weber

Experience the Energy... And See What the Buzz is About

These words from the 2010 Alumni Weekend materials hinted at the fun and excitement that awaited alumni who signed up for the weekend April 9-11. And they didn’t overpromise. With beautiful spring weather in Chicago, delicious dinners with lovely desserts, and plenty of time to visit with classmates and learn about what is new at their alma mater, the 568 guests (alumni, faculty, staff, and students) dedicated themselves to the weekend’s activities. Forty-one members of the Northwestern University School of Medicine’s Class of 1960 attended at least some of the weekend’s events. The Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences joined in the celebration at the Reunion Ball with two of its own 50-year graduates in attendance.

As Roger Hurwitz, MD’60, told Ginny Darakjian, assistant dean of Alumni Relations, at the Reunion Ball on Saturday, “I have looked forward to this 50-year class reunion for so long and I am enjoying it so much that I’m quite sad that it is nearly over.” There were 30 events over 36 whirlwind hours on Friday and Saturday. Among the activities enjoyed by alumni were: the State of the School from Dean J. Larry Jameson, vice president for medical affairs and Lewis Landsberg Dean, and Jeffrey C. Miller, vice dean and chief operating officer of the medical school, who retired from his position in June.

There was a medical school history tour by Ron Sims, special collections librarian from the Galter Health Sciences Library, and a lecture, as well as a CME program, class dinners, receptions, luncheons and Jeff Miller’s talk about health care reform, a scholarship brunch, and the Reunion Ball, a black-tie affair attended by a host of alumni, along with Dr. Lewis Landsberg, dean emeritus of the medical school, Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital CEO Dean M. Harrison.

Melvin Gerbie, MD ’60, received the 2010 Dean’s Award.

Warren Furey, MD ’60, received the 2010 Medical School Service Award.


Attendees touched a simulation model during their tour of the new Simulation Technology and Immersive Learning Center.

Archana Lal-Tabak, MD ’84, and Theresa Yuschok, MD ’85, at the Daniel Hale Williams Award dinner.

Jeff Miller presents “Health Care Reform: What Happened?” during a luncheon at the Ritz-Carlton.


Lindsay Huurman, Christine Kelly, James Kelly, MD ’73, and Walt Huurman, MD ’62, connected at the Nathan Smith Davis Club reception.

Bill Healey, coordinator of PT alumni affairs, danced with 1st-year PT students Sarah Kraushar (left) and Christine Marchinski at the Reunion Ball.

James A. Hill, MD ’74, GME ’79, and wife Sandra at the Reunion Ball.


Bruce Henschen, a second-year medical student, accompanies Drs. Dick Bryan, Ronald Semerdjian, and Thomas Soper, Class of 1960, on a tour.

Hal Oloffson and Ruben Shehigian, both 50-year PT graduates, represented their program at the Reunion Ball.


Bruce Scharschmidt, MD ’70, received the Distinguished Alumni Award.


During a dinner on Friday night, the Class of 1985 gathered to share fond memories.

Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro addressed Reunion Ball attendees.


Annette Barnes, MD ’87, (left) enjoys the weekend’s activities along with Carla Hightower, MD ’87, GME ’91, and Ann Hightower, MD ’85.

Dean J. Larry Jameson presents the State of the School to alumni.


Medical students attended the Daniel Hale Williams Award dinner honoring Joseph DiCara, MD ’86.

Jeanie and Tim Sullivan, MD ’64, put on their dancing shoes at the Ball.


Drs. Nancy Schriver Furey and Elsie Steelberg returned for their 50-year reunion.


Class of 1960

There were 33 graduates from the Class of 1960 who attended a Saturday luncheon at the Ritz-Carlton as part of Alumni Weekend events. They included:

Front row: Dick Bryan, Herb Niestat, Ira Bernstein, Earl Bracker, Warren Furey, Nancy Schriver Furey, Joseph Libretti, Melvin Gerbie, Ronald Semerdjian, Cyril Ramer, Elsie Steelberg. Second row: Bob Gale, Roger Hurwitz, Christopher Curran, Lawrence Sturman, Eugene Kostiuk, James Meltzer, Fred Gill, Henry Roenigk, Robert Linden, Mike Serio, Courtney Anthony, James Grissom. Back row: Tom Fiene, Ira Halper, Barry Ramer, Jim Simonson, Gerald Kern, Maurice Barancik, Thomas Braun, James Bellenger, Ed Alexander, Albert Newcomer.

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