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Northwestern Medicine Annual Report

With the publication of our first collaborative annual report, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Northwestern Memorial HealthCare are proud to share our vision for Northwestern Medicine.

Please visit to learn more about our shared goals and our work to become one of the country’s great academic medical centers.

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Research Briefs

Transplanting People’s Own Stem Cells to Treat Heart Disease

The largest national stem cell study for heart disease showed the first evidence that transplanting a potent form of adult stem cells into the heart muscle of subjects with severe angina results in less pain and an improved ability … Read More

President’s Message

When I attended Northwestern in the ’70s, it was often stated with pride that, above all else, the medical school taught physicians to be accomplished clinicians. Since those days, the research activities of the Feinberg School of Medicine have grown considerably ... Read More


Progress Notes

Awards, honors, and more…

Read about the latest news and events in your classmates’ lives in the Progress Notes section, and submit your own professional and personal news too! Read More

Ward Rounds News

Northwestern Doctor First Orthopedic Surgeon in Space

Robert “Bobby” L. Satcher, MD, PhD, became the first orthopedic surgeon to orbit the earth when he blasted off on the Space Shuttle Atlantis for his 5–million mile journey … Read More


Affiliation with French Medical School Facilitates Feinberg Globalization

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine recently celebrated a formal affiliation with the medical school at the Nice–Sophia Antipolis Université in France. The newly formed … Read More


New Center Focuses on Medical Educators

If education is the mission of a school, the faculty members are its missionaries. As part of their important work, it is imperative that educators receive support and continuing development so they can make full use of the latest innovations … Read More


Alumni News

Alumni Board Gets Department of Medicine Update

While the number of U.S. graduates choosing internal medicine is on the decline, Northwestern is improving its ability to attract top residency candidates … Read More


Alumni profile: Bruce F. Scharschmidt on the Move

Although he biked 47 mountainous miles in 10 hours from central Thailand to the Thai-Burma border in March 2009 to raise money to fight malnutrition in this part of the world … Read More


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